Rant: Teenagers are a bunch of famewh*res

​Have you ever watched a video featuring a bunch of cringy teenagers trying to act all cool and cute? You know, the stuff where there’s a lot of lip biting and hair flipping? I don’t know in other countries, but in ours this thing seems like a trend. Usually, those videos were made by fame seeking teenagers, or maybe teens who just wanna have fun. But honestly, usually it’s the former.

Believe it or not, things like that go viral in here. Well, mainly because many of us find those kinds of videos funny. When you take a look at the comment section, you’ll probably read lots of “Ha-ha-ha,” and see loads of laughing emoji. And it will make you wonder, what the heck are you missing because truthfully there’s nothing funny about the video. But, for my fellow countrymen, seeing teenagers making a fool out of themselves is considered as funny. Kids having a sky high self-confidence is funny.

To be honest, I also find this kind of stuff hilarious at first. But I got tired of it, and don’t you think it’s getting old? Come on, guys. Those teenagers seriously need a break. What you are doing can be considered as bullying because you’re emotionally hurting them for commenting mean stuff. Sure, they sort of asking for it when they decided to post their videos on the internet, but for God’s sake, they’re kids- they don’t know any better. Most of us went through that stage, the stage where we seek for popularity and a  place in society. So, basically, we should understand.

This is getting long, and I don’t think I made a clear point yet. Well, what I just really wanted to say is that, us, adults, should stop putting these kids in the spotlight for their mere ignorance. I’m sure they have talents, so why don’t we let them shine for it instead? We all know they’re just asking for attention, and when they grow up they’ll probably regret the things they are doing today. Let’s not let them embarrass themselves more, stop sharing their videos!


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