Read This Or Don’t

I opened my WordPress app because I was suddenly feeling motivated to write. I was very excited because it’s been so long since I last been this pumped up- it’s funny how a TV series could make me so inspired and motivated to write.

So I typed…and typed…and typed again. I typed everything I wanted to say. I made it sure that my grammar is correct, and that the sentence construction is good- good enough to keep you reading until the last period of my post because I know people are getting harder and harder to please nowadays.

I thought my intro was well-written, though it’s only my opinion, of course. I was working on the second paragraph when my father called me to set the table for dinner. I didn’t want to stop writing obviously, but I headed my way to the dining area and followed the boss’s order. You know, duties.

I left my phone in my room with my unfinished post. But when I came back, all that I had written so far was gone. The text space doesn’t even have a single word typed on it. I felt devastated. I made a serious effort writing that; I enjoyed writing that, but now it’s gone in just a blink of an eye.

I tried to re-type everything that I typed on that blank space before it became a blank space, but I just couldn’t do it. I lost my jam.

I was very upset so I decided to rant about this little unfortunate event that happened, and proceeded to write this thing which you are reading. And when I scrolled up, holy cow! I realized that it was much longer and way better. By better, I mean it’s more honest and bold, and I think that’s why it’s longer- I get to say whatever I want- no wordplay, no “fancy” writing, just me talking…and talking. And you listening.

I really love to write, and even though I know that I’m not as better as anyone else here, I still write. Because honestly, I can’t speak like this in real life. I can’t rant like this in real life because everyone expects me to smile even when I’m in the worst situation. I always filter what I say. Why? Because sometimes, if not always, being honest to people and even to yourself, gets you in trouble.

When I’m writing, I can be less of a coward. I can write boldly, and I won’t get in trouble because I’m anonymous and I don’t have much followers.

Nothing can stop me from writing, not even a writer’s block or an “unfortunate” event. Especially now that I realized that when I can’t find the motivation to write, I just have to keep writing- even when the words I type don’t even make a sense. Because if I continue writing, better words will soon come out. And even before I realize, I have already written a pretty long paragraph.

If you have reached this point, though I’m absolutely aware that there’s probably no one who would reach this point, thank you. I know that this post pretty much escalated quickly- from being a rant, it has become a reflection paper. I’m a lost cause for sure. But before anyone thinks I’m crazy, I guess I’ll have to stop. For now. Bye!


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